While Covid-19 is here sessions will be by telephone, Zoom or FaceTime and payment can be made by PayPal or Revelout.

Many clients report feeling more anxious these days and as a result report broken sleep and ‘strange’ dreams.

We all react under stress and may benefit from receiving therapy.

Therapy can help us to expand our ‘window of tolerance’. We all have a point where we reach our limit and in these strange times where there is a real threat to health and even life it is natural to be stressed about it. Managing that stress will differ from person to person and therapy can help you to get to know your personal triggers and also discover what calms you down.

Tips and possible coping strategies:

Kpeep it simple such as rembering to breathe deeply and slowly. This will help you to calm down physically.

Move about rather then sit still as this will make you feel you are ‘doing’ something rather than sitting and feeling helpless.

Listen to your favourite song or read a good book which holds your attention to distract you and calm you down.

Talk about how you are feeling rather than try to put a brave face on it.

Go out in nature or open a window and listen to birdsong.