Diploma in Supervision

What is supervision:

Supervision is required by all qualified professionals to ensure the best quality control for delivering the best service possible. Unconcious processes are present in any therepeutic relationship and to bring these into awareness, can help to ensure that the professionals own process does not interefere with the clients process in therapy.

Supervision is described as ‘A beacon of reflection floating on a sea of complexity’ (Eric de Haan, 2012).

Anyone working with people can benifit from supervision which addresses where your own porcess can mingle with the client which has the potential to cause collusion or to hinder the progress of the client. The porcess also has the potential to uncover unconcious factors at play which she brought into awareness can help a client to progress.

Who is supervision for:

Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Guidance Counsellors and any professionals involved with people who might feel stuck or blocked.


Humanistic, intergrative, person centerd, relational and Rogerian. Face to face long or short term.

The fee for supervision is €80 per session, negotiable for students and certain circumstances.